NEW SOFTWARE RELEASE COGNEX – VisionPro 9.0 and Designer 2.5 Released

Cognex is pleased to announce the newest release of VisionPro 9.0 and Cognex Designer 2.5. The new software versions are available for immediate download from

New Features in VisionPro 9.0
VisionPro 9.0 is the latest release of the industry-leading vision software package. New features include:

1) PatMax MultiModel
Allows users to program a single PatMax tool to look for multiple pro
It can distinguish between the trained models to simplify and speed-up applications where multiple PatMax
tools were needed previously.
2) 3D Tools
a. Field Calibration – Ensures highest 3D accuracy of multiple Cognex DS sensors and aids to remove mounting and motion errors. Field Calibration application included with VisionPro 9.0 installation. Supporting products for this new features include:
i. Calibration Targets
ii. New Mounting Brackets for multiple DS sensors
b. Image Stitching – Combines images from multiple DS heads into a single 3D image
c. Greyscale Overlay – Allows the ability to overlay a grayscale image over the 3D image for a more realistic display of the part
d. Laser Peak Detection – Added the ability for sensor to detect other surface reflections other than the brightest reflection
e. Binary Image – Allows higher scan speeds for lower resolution applications

New Features in Cognex Designer 2.5PCB Inspection Application with Cognex Designer
Cognex Designer 2.5 adds additional features to the powerful development interface. New features include:

1) Support for the new VisionPro 3D Display – Improved display for 3D images
2) Ability to add 3rd party DLLs or .NET assemblies – Enables users to access DLLs or .NET
assemblies outside of the Cognex Designer space
3) Create tags of any data type contained in 3rd party assemblies – Allows users to create tags of
various data types in order to support 3rd party assemblies
4) Improved User Guide – Significant revision of the User Guide for Cognex Designer

New Security Bits for VisionPro 9.0
New features in VisionPro 9.0 are controlled by three new security bits:

For the USB dongles VPRO-DEV-SW-USB or VPRO-MAX-USB, these new bits are already included so
there is no need to upgrade.
If you have non-deployed VC5’s, 8704e’s, or CC24’s (ie. lab units, demo units), these can be upgraded free
of charge. Please order VSW-VPRO90-UPGRADE. There will be a promo code offered to Partners in a
separate email.
Please note that legacy dongles (VPRO-DEV-SW-U, VPRO-MAX-U) cannot be upgraded using this method.
Please talk to your local Sales Engineer to discuss options.